Latest update!

The next edition of the Circuit des Ardennes has been postponed until early July 2021. That’s only six months away and nobody knows yet how the public health situation will evolve.

Bearing these circumstances in mind, here are our plans :

  • We will wait until early April before re-starting the event and finalising the registrations (in February 2020, 150 participants had already transferred their registration to 2021)
  • Closing date for registration and final decision regarding the 2021 Circuit will be in early June.

Thank you for your patience and confidence.

We shall act in the best possible way in view of the circumstances but can only follow the advice of the Experts and Public Authorities !

Very truly yours,

The Organising Committee.

If you wish to send us your comments, they arewelcome atcircuit.ardennes@gmail.com

Stay tuned!


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