Preliminary programme of the 2021 Commemoration

The next edition of the Circuit des Ardennes Commemoration is scheduled to take place from 2 to 4 July 2021.

In these pages and in the online registration form, you will find:

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The 2021 programmes by Category

Cars in categories A, B, and C (up to 1918) and motorcycles (up to 1927) have a choice of outings and visits on Saturday, with optional pre-runs on Thursday and Friday. On Sunday morning the cars can be put on display in Bastogne.

Cars in category D (1919 -1930) and E (1931-1941) will run on Sunday with the possibility of a pre-run on Saturday.

Sunday is also the day for category F (1942-1970) .

The programme for motorcycles: Saturday for machines up to 1927 or Sunday for machines from 1928 to 1960.

Click on the links below to discover the detailed programme and the entry fees for each vehicle category.

The car programmes

Programme for cars for categories A, B and C: until 1918

Programme for cars of categories D and E: from 1919 to 1941

Programme for cars of category F: from 1942 to 1970

The motorcycle programmes

Programme for motorcycles with tank under frame: up to and including 1927

Programme for motorcycles from 1928 up to and including 1960

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The itineraries

In creating the Circuit des Ardennes, Baron de Crawhez chose this region and these roads as he knew them well : sufficiently wide, not too steep, with bends but also good straight sections.

Also these roads were relatively free of traffic.

For later editions the route was considerably modified, with the start moved to Arlon and covering different localities.

We have adopted the same principles for the Commemorations, thus offering varied itineraries and roads well suited to every type of vehicle.

In particular we are thinking of single-cylinder and bi-cylinder cars and motorcycles from the beginnings of the motorcar, which demand the organisers' special attention.

The route for 2021 will reflect these considerations.