With a favourable weather, not too hot for the machines, the event justified its name of "Grand Panorama of the Automobile Motorcycle History". You will find a large evocation of the event in the 1.500 pictures which you can consult in the categories below.

You can find your vehicle either by entering your participant's plate number (only works if the plate was visibly attached to the front of the vehicle) or by browsing through the photos and clicking on your choice to enlarge the image and possibly download the photo file.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: the organisers would like to thank the members of the Habay Photo-Club who made these photos, in particular André Willame, Anne Calicis, Alain Dardenne, Fabienne Stoffel, Françoise Ricail, Guy Marchal, Julie Castiaux, Julien Goffette, Luc Gendarme, Patrice Bertrand, Pauline Balfroid, Véronique Vanderplancke and Véronique Mergaux.